Queen Victoria Family Tree | Royal Chart by Dixon Publishing
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Royal Family Tree Chart

Royal Family Tree Chart

The Queen Victoria Family Tree | British Royal lines of descent
Saxe-Coburg & Gotha (1837 -1917) & The Windsors (1917- Present Day)


The Royal Queen Victoria Family Tree Chart elegantly displays the royal ancestral lineage through the ages from Queen Victoria herself (1819-1901) all the way to our present day monarchy (printed 2005). This exquisite chart of royal heritage features the family bloodlines of Saxe –Coburg & Gotha and The Windsors. We quite often see or hear about the Royal Family being reported about in the press but how much do we actually know about them? For example, have you ever wondered who Queen Victoria was married to? How many children did George V have? Which one of those children was the father to our present day Queen Elizabeth II? Or even who were Prince William & Harry’s Great Great Great Grandparents?


The Royal family has for many years remained a fascinating talking point and popular institution in both the United Kingdom and around the world. Visitors to the UK will frequently be on the lookout for that historical memento to take home with them.  With this in mind, this stunning chart is the ideal keepsake to remind them of their visit.


A Gift that Illustrates the Family Links of our National Treasure


This beautiful and regally designed family tree provides an informative and educational display of the royal lines of descent.  Furthermore, behind the individual family member badges show the historic images of the royal residencies Balmoral, Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. In addition, the wall chart includes birthdates, marriages, deaths, number of sons & daughters, dates of abdication and reign.


An eye-catching and central feature of the chart is the official royal coat of arms. The royal family tree is arguably the most well known family tree in the world.  For those on a quest to search their own family tree, the royal family wall display can be used as a helpful example in beginning their own.  The chart measures A2 in size which makes for a very handy size to take home as a gift.


  • Displays the royal ancestral lineage all the way back to Queen Victoria
  • An informative and educational resource of the royal family tree
  • The royal family tree can be framed and displayed as an exquisite wall chart
  • An ideal celebratory gift for fans of the British monarchy


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