Family Tree Chart | Record your Ancestry Family Findings
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Family Tree Scroll

Ancestry Template Chart

Family Tree Scroll

The Dixon Publishing family tree chart is the perfect gift for family history enthusiasts.  This family tree template provides the user with an easy way to keep a record of their family. Family history is becoming more popular than ever. Therefore, many are looking for a unique, tangible and reliable way to record their important information. This striking family tree design would make for an ideal framed wall display.


A quality made family tree chart that provides the space to enter four generations of family members on both sides. The researcher can record details of their parents, grandparents, great grandparents, as well as their brothers and sisters and all the way back to their great great grandparents.


This fantastic family tree template has space for all relatives. These include uncles, aunts, cousins, brothers and sisters.  Also, their partners and children, nephews and nieces.  In addition there are spaces for their brothers and sisters, children, and even marriage details.  There is also added space for further interesting family facts such as second marriages, additional children and relatives.


The family tree chart keepsake scroll is an ideal gift for:
• Weddings
 • Birthdays
 • Births
 • Christmas
 • Christenings
 • Anniversaries


The charts can be delivered either boxed, individually ready rolled in transparent polythene sleeves.  Alternatively they can be batch rolled in toughened cardboard tubes that include batch packed sleeves.


  • Record valuable details of family, past and present in a simple and unique way
  • Elegantly designed A1 family tree chart that makes for an impressive wall decoration
  • Branches back four generations of paternal and maternal lineage
  • A charming keepsake scroll, ideal as a gift for many celebratory occasions
  • Also includes relatives from the wider family as well as the main pedigree lines


Are you looking for an family tree gift example that is already filled out? Take a look at our British Royal Family Tree Scroll


We understand the importance of educating youngsters about their family tree.  Have a look at our Children’s ‘My Family Tree’ Activity Poster.


Searching you family history has never been so easy to do.  Just a click of a button can connect you to your past.  Visit to discover more.

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