My 1st Year Baby Milestones Growth Chart | By Dixon Publishing
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Baby Train Growth Chart

Baby Train Growth Chart

The Baby Milestones ‘My 1st Year’ Train Growth Chart is a delightful impulse purchase for those celebrating the birth of their newborn. The Baby Milestones wall chart is also ideal for those looking for a simple, heartwarming gift idea for new arrivals of family and friends. This fun, fill-in-yourself chart features the ‘Baby Express’ with blank carriage windows ready to record a baby’s first year progress in both words and pictures. Furthermore, the start and finish signposts of the baby’s first year journey are labeled to display details of the baby’s name, weight, date of birth and time and place they were born.


Celebrate the birth of a newborn with the ‘My 1st Year’ Baby Milestones Growth Chart


The Baby Chart is a unisex item, with its soft, neutral pastel colours and gentle design elements. This adorable product makes for such an appealing, creative way to chart those precious early days, weeks and months for posterity. This Baby Train Chart comes packaged in a transparent plastic tube with round white lids at both ends. The tube also displays an attached, adorable little white bow for extra cuteness. The gift provides a truly creative, fun and low-cost way to chart a baby’s first year developments from their first cheeky smile to their first determined steps. A wonderful way to share the fun, enjoy and remember the journey of your newly born’s first year. It can often be a challenging time for older siblings with the new arrival of a brother or sister.  With this in mind, the Baby Milestones Chart provides a fun and easy way for little ones to get involved.


* A translated version into Welsh is also available.


Size – 835mm x 295mm (A1 length poster size)


  • A unique, fun and creative way to chart a newborn’s first year
  • Makes for a wonderful framed nursery wall display
  • An ideal gift for the baby’s siblings to fill in along the way
  • A treasured memento to keep through the years of those tender first months
  • Records the first precious milestones of the baby’s life
  • Beautifully presented as an ideal gift for new parents

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