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About Us


Dixon Publishing are a family business, based in the heart of rural Lancashire. We specialise in producing nostalgic and historical keepsake gifts for your nearest and dearest. Simply put, we are a family business, with family-friendly ideas. Consisting of a small team covering design, production, marketing, sales and everything in between, we strive to achieve creative concepts with originality. In this busy, fast-paced world of information overload, we understand the importance of connecting with those you love, finding the time to treasure your heritage together. Now and for generations to come.


Our mission statement is simple:


“To inspire a sense of family and belonging through the creation of unique, timeless and meaningful gift ideas shaped by our home, heart and heritage.”


Not only are we passionate about developing great quality products, but also providing exceptional customer care. Our aim is to ensure that your requirements are met to a high standard, from attentive communication to swift delivery times.

To inspire a sense of family and belonging through the creation of unique, timeless and meaningful gift ideas shaped by our home, heart and heritage.

A Family Business, with Family-Friendly Ideas.


Family history has been a big influence on our expanding product range. Discovering your family tree is an exciting adventure full of surprises; we too embrace that  journey of bringing creative surprise, growing organically and introducing novel ways to celebrate family and heritage.


We love the idea of connecting or reconnecting with our past, present and future, whether that is with ourselves, our family, the place we live or those closest to us.  The search for our ancestors and long lost family has become such a popular and important pastime for so many and we aim to create new and enchanting ideas to help with the journey. We have a selection of family tree charts to help you start your quest into the past and record your findings along the way. Please take a look through our gift line and if you have any queries we’d be delighted to assist.


We supply to trade gift outlets throughout the UK. If you have a shop, take a look at our portfolio by clicking on the icon above.


There is a lot that goes into what we do and we are proud of our work. Click on the icon above to read more about our processes.


If you are looking for family and heritage gifts to buy, click on the icon above to view a selection of items from our online store.


If you have any queries about our products and services, click on the icon above to view our frequently asked questions.