Family Tree for Kids | Fun Activity Poster by Dixon Publishing
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Children’s Family Tree Activity Poster


The Family Tree for Kids Activity Poster is a fun, vibrant and colourful A1 poster that provides youngsters with an exciting and creative way to learn about their family tree.


Why not involve your children with Genealogy? This family tree for kids is a fun, vibrant and colourful A1 activity poster that provides youngsters with an exciting and creative way to learn about their family tree. It’s true to say that a sense of belonging is crucially important in early development. With this in mind, the family tree for kids introduces a basic understanding of family history and in effect encourages them to learn about their own roots with intrigue and fun.


The children’s family tree poster is the ideal activity, such as for rainy days, holiday and after school clubs, arts & craft events and family get-togethers. From time to time, kids are always asking questions such as; where do I come from? or who am I related to? With this easy to follow educational family tree, children learn to climb as high as they can along the branches of their family tree, and in so doing finding out who goes where.


A family tree for kids that mixes education, creativity and family fun!


An uplifting nature scene on a beautiful day with it’s bright warm colours and array of friendly farmyard animals give the children’s family tree poster a simplistic appeal. Furthermore, the tree itself comes to life as an illustrated cartoon character as the central feature. Also, the blank oval spaces in the tree are for children to either draw, stick photos or write in details of their family members. Family and friends can here all get involved together and siblings can even fill their own in too.


The poster is an ideal gift for youngsters between 3-10 yrs. The posters come with protective polythene sleeves and despatched in a protective cardboard postal tube.


Size: A1


  • A creative educational activity for youngsters learning about family history
  • Provides children with a sense of belonging
  • Ideal for interactive family fun and rainy days
  • Also perfect for holiday and after school clubs and arts & crafts events
  • Helps children understand where relatives belong on their family tree’s branches


Family history can be a great interactive family activity.  Parents and grandparents can also complete their own family tree with the children. Take a look at our Family Tree Scroll for the older members of the clan.

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Dimensions 84.1 × 59.4 cm
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